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5 Amazing Facts About the Vagina

5 Amazing Facts About the Vagina

The vagina can be a captivating piece of human anatomy.  It is a giver of life and pleasure.  It is also one of the highest maintenance parts of the human body.  Whether you have one or not, the power of the vagina cannot be questioned. 1. The Vagina Can Hold a Lot Everyone knows the […]

Vitamin D: Benefits for Your Skin

Benefits of Vitamin D

You can get it from the sun, and we all need it from time to time. It’s Vitamin D! However, despite needing this vitamin, you really shouldn’t stay too long in the sun to get it. Staying in the sun too long, without sunscreen, can, of course, lead to skin cancer. You may think because […]

Firm Up Your Butt with these Simple Steps

Butt Firming

Back in the 90s, Sir Mix-A-Lot glorified the behind with his smash hit, “Baby Got Back.” It seems like ever since then everybody wants a perfect gluteus maximus, usually more on the side of the ladies. Luckily, there are many simple ways to achieve this goal. You can combine and mix and match any of […]

Top Causes of Skin Darkening

skin darkening

There is not just one cause of skin darkening. There are many different reasons. Some of these causes are more common than others. Also, some are more serious than others as well. Some of the more common causes for changes in skin color are illness, injury, and inflammatory problems. Discolored skin patches also commonly develop […]

Anal Bleaching – What you need to know

Anal Bleaching what you need to know

The idea of anal bleaching has been around for years now and is becoming more and more common as women (and men) become more aware and more comfortable with their bodies.

It is more common now than ever for people to groom their intimate areas, and this makes the difference in skin color much more apparent.

The dangers of Anal Bleaching (Part one)

Dangers of Anal Bleaching

The dangers of anal bleaching. It’s a myth that anal bleaching is dangerous. Or is it? Like most myths, there is a hint of truth in it, and we have touched on the subject in a few other articles but we’ll get to the nitty gritty now. I want to make something clear right off […]

Anal Bleaching Cream: How to choose

Choosing an anal bleaching cream

In past articles, we’ve talked a lot about why we feel using an intimate whitening cream in the comfort of your own home is usually a better choice than visiting a spa / salon or going the invasive medical route. We have discussed the drawbacks of some ingredients, most notably hydroquinone as well. And we […]

Preparing for Vaginal Bleaching: Home Waxing

Home vagina waxing

A while back we published an article about shaving that you can read here. Today I wanted to talk about another form of hair removal – waxing. And specifically about waxing yourself rather than going to a costly salon or spa. In our next article we will discuss electrically operated epilators that perform the same […]

Anal Bleaching: not just for women anymore

male anal bleaching

Our site has become much busier over the past year or two, thanks to visitors like you. It’s clear that our little site is filling a niche that needed to be filled and for that I’m happy and hope you are too. Part of our success I would like to think is in our articles. […]

Caspah review

Caspah Intimate Lightening Cream

Caspah is a very effective intimate whitening cream and is near the top of our list at #2 overall. Read the review below to find out all you need to know about this effective bleaching cream.