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Anal Bleaching Cream: How to choose

Choosing an anal bleaching cream

In past articles, we’ve talked a lot about why we feel using an intimate whitening cream in the comfort of your own home is usually a better choice than visiting a spa / salon or going the invasive medical route. We have discussed the drawbacks of some ingredients, most notably hydroquinone as well. And we have done extensive reviews on all the top anal bleaching creams as well. But we have never really discussed exactly why and how to choose the right anal bleaching cream for you. So here is our top list for choosing the right cream for your needs.

Natural Ingredients

We have talked about this quite a lot, but it can never be mentioned enough. There is no reason any more to use a product that does not contain only natural ingredients. In a future article we will discuss and explain the main natural active ingredients in current intimate whitening creams but all you really need to know is that you want to purchase a product that uses only natural ingredients. STAY AWAY from any product that contains hydroquinone, mercury, or any other chemical or compound that is not natural. If you find a link to a product on our site, you know that it will contain only natural ingredients as we will not endorse a product containing hydroquinone or other potentially harmful compounds.


The effectiveness of the intimate whitening cream you use is obviously one of the most important factors. We review and rate a number of home anal bleaching creams on our site and you can easily find other reviews of the same products as well. One thing to remember is this: Don’t forsake safety for effectiveness. In other words, the bleaching creams we review are all natural so may take a little longer to work than ones with hydroquinone. Comparing natural products to ones with dangerous compounds is like comparing apples and oranges. Also remember that all creams will work at different speeds on different people.


The reputation of the product or company you are considering buying from is near the top of the list when it comes to importance. Doing a quick Google on the brand name of the product will usually give you a good understanding of how the product or company is looked at in the marketplace. This is a big consideration for us when it comes to doing reviews of products and we will note if there are any issues with customer service or shipping speeds, etc. Our top five product reviews all have excellent to good customer service ratings and reputation.

Remember that because of the nature of the product, there are almost always some negative or not so great reviews on almost any product, regardless of how good they may be. This is usually because the person doing the review hasn’t spent enough time to complete their whitening regimen or their expectations were unrealistic. I’ve had people email me saying that the product they purchased hasn’t worked. When I ask how long they’ve been using it for and how often they use it, the typical response is about a week. If you’ve read any of our other articles like Applying Intimate Whitening Creams then you will know that it can be a process that takes a month or even more.


Purchasing an intimate whitening product made in the US, Canada or Europe is always a good idea in our opinion. Why? These countries or continents tend to have stricter controls on product labeling, making it far less likely that a company would use unsafe ingredients. Quality control is typically better in first world countries as well, as in comparison to countries such as China or the Philippines. We have never reviewed a product from one of these countries so it may be a little unfair to use them as examples, but for my piece of mind – considering where you are going to use the product – I’d choose a product manufactured in a country I feel comfortable with.


We included this only to really say that cost should not be your deciding factor. While we do give some weight to the cost of the product when we do reviews, it is not a big consideration. Only when we find two products with very similar active ingredients, with one being dramatically more expensive do we make a note of this. The other cost consideration can be shipping costs. Some manufacturers have shipping costs that in our opinion are far too high. It’s our opinion that shipping /handling costs should be relative to the costs and shouldn’t be an additional profit for the company. We make a note in our reviews if we feel shipping costs are too high.


The Low Down

These are some of the factors we use when reviewing a new anal bleaching cream, so should give you a good idea of what to look for if you choose to do home anal bleaching.

One last thing – while we talk about anal bleaching in this article, all of the above will work just the same for any area you wish to lighten such as:

  • Vaginal Bleaching
  • Anal Bleaching
  • Nipple Bleaching
  • Penis / Scrotum Bleaching
  • Underarm bleaching
  • Inner thighs
  • Buttocks

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