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The dangers of Anal Bleaching (Part one)

Dangers of Anal Bleaching

The dangers of anal bleaching. It’s a myth that anal bleaching is dangerous. Or is it?

Like most myths, there is a hint of truth in it, and we have touched on the subject in a few other articles but we’ll get to the nitty gritty now.

I want to make something clear right off the bat: NONE of the skin whitening creams we review on this site contain dangerous chemicals. NONE of them. I’m not putting nasty chemicals on my skin and wouldn’t expect you to do it either. So if I didn’t make myself clear enough already, I’ll repeat myself: ALL of the bleaching products we review here are made of entirely natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals.

What is dangerous about anal bleaching?

You probably know that your skin is the largest organ in (on) your body. And that skin can readily absorb any liquid applied to it and add it to your bloodstream. That means that if you apply nasty chemicals to your skin, they can and will make it into your body. So we clearly don’t want to do that!

In the past, anal bleaching creams contained some pretty harmful ingredients in order to do their job. But science moves on and finds new and safe ways of doing things that weren’t possible without possible bodily harm in the past.

Take common household paint for instance. In the past, we thought nothing of painting a bedroom in our house without realizing the amount of VOC’s dangerous anal bleaching chemicals(volatile organic compounds) that we were ingesting. Paint companies said these VOC’s were necessary to make the paint work properly. Finally, governments around the world had had enough and started legislating low or zero VOC paints to be made. Lo and behold, a few years later, paint companies came out with zero VOC products that are much healthier for us and the environment and yet they still work great.

The same thing has happened more or less in the skin whitening industry. While only a harmful few ingredients were limited or outright banned, cosmetic companies got the message and started developing new and safe ingredients to take the place of the bad ones. Unfortunately, many of these harmful ingredients are not banned outright in all countries although their use has often been limited to ‘safer’ doses.

Here is a list of ingredients to stay away from when looking at purchasing an intimate skin whitening cream. This is not an exhaustive list nor are any of us here medical doctors so this list is simply for informational purposes. Remember – none of our products reviewed contain these.

Dangerous Ingredients



Hydroquinone is banned outright in many jurisdictions including the EU. The US has not outright banned it as of yet, but in 2006 the FDA removed it’s label of being safe for general use. It has been noted that hydroquinone can be carcinogenic which is the primary reason for it’s ban in many areas. In addition, hydroquinone has been known to cause ochronosis which is a condition that can discolor skin, turning it blue and/or black.

Currently, hydroquinone is still available in OTC (over the counter) medications in the US containing 0.5% to 2% concentrations. Higher dosages can be found by prescription.


Mercury is a naturally occurring element that is found in generally low doses in water, soil and the air. In natural concentrations, it poses no harm to humans. However, in concentrated doses close to the body, mercury should be considered extremely dangerous.

Mercury is highly effective in reducing or eliminating skin pigmentation or dark spots. It is also very dangerous and can harm the nervous system, kidneys, heart, immune system and lungs. Symptoms of mercury poisoning include memory loss, headaches, emotional swings, changes in cognitive functioning and many more. Read more about the side effects and symptoms of mercury poisoning here.

Mercury is banned in virtually all jurisdictions in cosmetic products. Skin whitening products made outside of trusted areas such as the US/Canada or the EU have been known to contain mercury. That is not saying that all foreign made skin whitening products would contain mercury, only that it is much safer to trust a product made in a known country. Click here to see an example of imported skin whitening creams containing mercury.


When properly prescribed by a physician, topical steroids can be used to treat many types of conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, rashes and other types of skin conditions. They are also used sometimes by unscrupulous cosmetic manufacturers to make their product appear to be more effective and fast acting. They do this by constricting blood flow in the area of application, known as vasoconstriction. Lowering the blood flow will make the area appear lighter. Although very rare when used under medical supervision, side effects from topical steroid use can include Cushing syndrome.

Scared yet?


Purchasing any cosmetic product you need to be sure you purchase from a reputable company that only contains natural and safe ingredients. Check out our review on our top rated product: Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream. It contains all natural ingredients from a safe and #1 rated US company that has your safety in mind.


Epibright Intimate for DIY Anal Bleaching

Before deciding on any anal bleaching product, you need to be informed. Read our article that explains everything about getting that bleached asshole you deserve.

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