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Anal Bleaching – What you need to know

Anal Bleaching what you need to know

The idea of anal bleaching has been around for years now and is becoming more and more common as women (and men) become more aware and more comfortable with their bodies. Believe it or not, Wikipedia has an entire page devoted to the topic.

It is more common now than ever for people to groom their intimate areas, and this makes the difference in skin color much more apparent.

Why is my anus dark?

Contrary to what many people might think, the darkening of the anus has nothing to do with lack of hygiene. It is a normal situation and happens with almost everyone. Much of how obvious it is has to do with skin tone. People with olive colored skin or darker often find darker skin in many areas where the skin folds such as their anus, vagina (or penis / scrotum), underarms, inner thighs, buttocks and knees.


Is it weird to Bleach your Butthole?

We don’t think so and apparently you are not alone. Look at the screenshot above – over 1.5 million search results for “why is my anus dark” Update: as of September 2016, there are now an amazing 2,750,000 search results for “why is my anus dark” – almost doubled in about a year.

One thing Google is not is stupid. They know what people are searching for and they know what people want to see. If there are this many results for a search term, you know it is being searched. A lot.

At the time of the writing of this article, there were 385,000 search results for the term “anal bleaching” and now there are 543,000. And remember, this is just in the US alone.

Anal bleaching is here to stay. It is mainstream and nothing to be embarrassed about thinking about.

History of anal Bleaching

It is commonly acknowledged that anal and intimate bleaching got it’s start in the pornography industry. It’s obvious why some female pornstars pay close attention to every detail of their privateHistory of Anal Bleaching parts, since for them they are not very private.

After that, personal grooming and brazilian waxing started gaining popularity for the average person, both female and male. Once shaved or waxed, the skin condition and coloring of the genital and anal area becomes more obvious,which leads to curiosity of bleaching.

What is Intimate Bleaching?

Anal Bleaching CreamThe term ‘bleaching’ is actually misleading. Many people hearing about anal bleaching for the first time assume it involves using a household bleach or something as similarly harsh. This is wrong. A more accurate description should be ‘skin lightening’ or ‘skin brightening’. On this site, we focus on home bleaching, which involves creams that contain no harmful chemicals at all.


How to get a Bleached Asshole?

There are five main ways to get a bleached anus:

  • Cryosurgery
  • Laser Treatment
  • Spa Treatment
  • At home DIY with a whitening cream
  • At home with natural ingredients



There are several methods of asshole bleaching, some far more expensive, dangerous or downright scary than others. Cryosurgery for example uses extreme temperatures to modify or destroy layers of skin. Because Cryosurgery is a medical procedure, there are some pretty big drawbacks.

The first drawback is cost. The procedure is performed by a doctor and we all know they don’t work cheap. If you are luck enough to have medical insurance, well good luck with that. It is extremely doubtful if any insurance plan would cover you since in almost all cases it would be considered cosmetic.

Even if cost is not an issue for you, there is still the fact that it is a medical procedure. And with any surgery or medical procedure, there are risks. Sure, the risks may be minimal but they do exist. Taking even the slightest risk for a bleached asshole just doesn’t seem like a great idea to me.

Laser Bleaching

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments for a bleached bum are also available. As the name suggests, this treatment uses a high powered laser to remove the dark melanin layer, allowing the skin to become lighter.

Like any treatment, laser anal bleaching has pros and cons.

Laser treatments will require multiple visits. How many trips it will take will depend on your skin type and there is no way of knowing without consulting a professional. Obviously, each laser treatment visit will have a cost so the more you go the higher the cost will be. It can be upwards of a couple thousand dollars. But putting cost aside, the inconvenience of having to book multiple appointments, possibly missing time from work, etc. can be a real hassle.

Another possible negative is that it is recommended to refrain from sexual activity for at least a week after the procedure. That might be alright for some, but for others this might be a deal breaker.

Laser anal lightening can also be a painful or at least uncomfortable process. Great care must be taken to have very good hygiene rituals immediately following the procedure as there is a possibility of infection.

Scarring is another possible side effect of laser treatments although it is noted that there is less likelihood of scarring with current, modern methods then there were just ten years ago.

On the positive side, laser anal bleaching can be one of the quickest methods of getting a bleached bum. If you can live with the costs and possible side effects, it might be worth it for you to see if treatments are available in your area.

Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

There are now hundreds, probably thousands of spas throughout the US and around the world that offer anal bleaching treatment. It has been all over the news, featured on reality TV shows and many other places.

Anal bleaching at a spa is definitely more inexpensive, safer and easier than the other methods above. BUT like anything there are things to be concerned about.

Spa treatments consist of using an anal bleaching cream or gel, similar to what we will talk about in the next section: At home Anal Bleaching. There are two problems with this type of treatment in our opinion:

  1. Unless you have researched the product that the spa is using on you, there is no guarantee that it is safe for you. Read this article on the dangers of anal bleaching to find out about ingredients in skin lightening creams you want to stay away from.
  2. The spa is likely going to do one treatment on your anus and send you on your way with cream for you to use at home. That one treatment they do will not make a big difference on the color of your anus, it will be up to you to finish the treatment. So if you can do the treatment in the privacy of your own home in the first place why would you pay someone to do it in the first place?

In our opinion, the only real upside to considering spa anal lightening is being able to buy the skin lightening cream locally rather than ordering online. That doesn’t seem like much of an upside considering you don’t have control over the quality of product you are buying and you will likely pay more for it than buying it directly from the manufacturer.

And that brings us to our final – and not surprisingly – favorite option to get that shiny, bleached bum you’ve been looking for.

Anal Bleaching with natural ingredients

There are a number of natural ingredients that may help with lightening your skin. But with everything, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that these ingredients are common and often found in your home. And they are generally very inexpensive. The bad news is that the jury is still out on whether they will actually lighten your skin. And if you do find an ingredient that does lighten your skin, it will take much, much longer than any of the other options we talk about here.

For those of you with a lot of patience or perhaps a very tight budget, there is no harm in trying some of these ingredients. We have created an article listing these ingredients that you can read here.

At Home Anal Bleaching

If you have taken the time to read your anal bleaching options above you shouldn’t be surprised that the easiest, safest, least expensive and least embarrassing method involves using a skin brightening cream at home like my favorite: Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream . While you may not get results as quickly as you would with surgery, laser treatments or possibly even spa treatments you are not going to be spending $500 to $5000 either, with no guarantee of results.

How long to get a Bleached Butthole?

You should start seeing results in as little as two weeks

Everyone’s skin is a bit different so there is no hard and fast rule for how long it will take to lighten your anus. You should start seeing results in as little as two weeks but it can take upwards of two months to see full results. Just maintain a consistent daily treatment regimen and you will see results. Try not to stop using the creams during your treatment for an extended period of time as this may set you back to the beginning.


Does anal bleaching work?

From personal experience, yes. Check out our before and after pictures page (photos courtesy of Wikipedia) to see a sample result.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our article on anal bleaching. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed about wanting to look your best. Whatever makes you happy and more secure is always the right decision. And using products like the ones we review here like Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream will ensure that you are not only happy and secure but that you are safe as well – the most important thing!

photo credits: history lotion feature

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