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Preparing for Vaginal Bleaching: Home Waxing

Home vagina waxing

A while back we published an article about shaving that you can read here. Today I wanted to talk about another form of hair removal – waxing. And specifically about waxing yourself rather than going to a costly salon or spa. In our next article we will discuss electrically operated epilators that perform the same function as waxing – pulling the hair out at the root. We’ve even added a new Marketplace section where you can view the products we mention in this article.

Why waxing is better than shaving

Time Savings Shaving needs to be dostopwatchne on a nearly daily basis, depending on your body. If you’re running late for work and don’t have time to shave your legs or underarms, that might mean you have to rethink what you are wearing that day. Waxing lasts considerably longer especially if using a hair inhibitor product (we’ll talk about that more later or you can view the products in our Marketplace)
No Stubble hair-stubbleFor me at least, this is one of the biggest benefits. When hair grows back from shaving, the hair is coarse and rough. This is because shaving only cuts off the fine top end of the hair. Waxing pulls the hair out at the root so when it grows back, it will be a fine, thin hair. Not only feels better but is much less noticeable. And in private areas, hair stubble left to grow can be very uncomfortable.
Reduces Regrowth of Hair Kalo Hair InhibitorWhether or not you use a Hair Inhibitor product (which I highly recommend), eventually your hair will grow in less and less. A hair inhibitor product greatly speeds up this process but even without it your hair growth will slow with regular waxing.


Top Ten Tips for effective Home Waxing

If you are convinced that waxing is better than shaving (hint: It is!), here is a top ten list of tips and tricks to make your waxing a better experience.

  1. Two weeks of hair growthThe hair needs to be a certain length before waxing will be effective. This is so the wax has something to grab on to. 2-3 weeks is the suggested time to allow hair to grow out after the last shave though this will vary depending on how coarse your hair is.

  2. Use a numbing cream This is not required but if you can’t handle the pain or discomfort associated with waxing, a good numbing agent applied 30-45 minutes before waxing is a good idea. Visit our marketplace for links to a highly rated numbing cream.

  3. Exfoliate Prior to waxing, exfoliate the area using a good exfoliate scrub. This helps remove dead skin cells and opens the pores, making hair removal easier.

  4. Baby Powder or Corn Starch Apply baby powder or corn starch to the skin just prior to waxing. This stops the wax from sticking to the skin and provides a much smoother pull of the wax strips.

  5. Two finger widths A common mistake that people new to home waxing is to apply wax to too large of an area. Apply wax only about as wide and as long as two fingers. This not only makes the procedure more manageable, but greatly reduces pain.

  6. Apply Pressure If you have ever had a waxing session in a salon, you’ll know that they will apply pressure with their fingers as soon as the wax strip is pulled. This is to reduce blood flow to the area, reducing pain and discomfort.

  7. Hold Skin Taut Use one hand to pull the skin area tight while the other hand pulls the wax strip off. This ensures that the hair is removed much better and also prevents bruising as well as lessens the pain.

  8. Wax thickness Make sure that the wax applied is thick enough to full cover the hairs as well as be strong enough to hold when pulling. If the wax you applied is not thick enough, simply add more wax and let it cool before removing.

  9. Use a Hair Inhibitor In our marketplace, we list a great hair inhibitor. What the product does is to slow the growth of hair after waxing and over time and repeated applications, can completely stop the growth of hair – meaning you may never have to wax again!

  10. Use ingrown hair treatment Another product listed in our marketplace is ingrown hair treatment. Ingrown hairs are an unfortunate side effect of waxing or shaving but can be reduced or eliminated through the use of a good ingrown hair treatment after every waxing session.


Epilators – an alternative to Waxing

In our next article we will discuss epilators and how they can be a great alternative and addition to your home waxing regimen. While epilators don’t completely remove the need for waxing, especially in your sensitive areas, they can be used to quickly and effectively remove hairs from many parts of your body. Look for the new article on epilators in the coming weeks.

Home Waxing Video

I’m a huge fan of Youtube and often find videos related to my interests. Below is a video I think is one of the best on the subject of home waxing and at just 11 minutes long I think is well worth the watch. Lisa has done quite a few videos now and all are related to health and beauty. The few videos I have watched have been excellent and she always gets to the point. If you are new to the world of home waxing, take the time to watch her video below.

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