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Anal Bleaching: not just for women anymore

male anal bleaching

Our site has become much busier over the past year or two, thanks to visitors like you. It’s clear that our little site is filling a niche that needed to be filled and for that I’m happy and hope you are too.

Part of our success I would like to think is in our articles. I and others try to write frankly and clearly about this somewhat sensitive subject of intimate whitening. I know a lot of you are timid to discuss it with others, but on the other hand I’m always happy if I’m online and some of you like to use the live chat to discuss things. It seems to be a good way of communicating since you can remain anonymous.

The other day I was looking through the website stats and came across some very interesting statistics, which is the reason for me writing this article. Originally we started out talking solely about vaginal bleaching, since that was my primary interest. The name of the site is a good clue! Because of that, our traffic was almost entirely female and I never really looked further than that since I assumed the site would always cater to females.

Over time, we have added more articles other than on vaginal bleaching. We have articles on anal bleaching, nipple bleaching, dark underarms and more. And I guess this has changed the demographics of our site visitors since we have gone from about 5% male visitors last year to about 23% this year! To say I was surprised is an understatement. Almost 1/4 of our visitors are male and I didn’t even realize it!

My Apologies

To our male visitors, I apologize. Almost all effort on the site has always been based around the presumption that virtually all our visitors are female and that is clearly no longer the case. While I realize you are probably not visiting our site to read up on vaginal bleaching (or maybe you are??), chances are you are here because of an interest in other forms of intimate whitening such as anal bleaching – at least that is my guess.


Please give me feedback

If you are male and are visiting this site, I have a small favor to ask. Drop me a line at [email protected] or use the online chat feature in the bottom right corner. If I’m not online, the system will send me an email with your comments. Tell me what you are looking for and if you found it on our site. Don’t worry, be honest – I’m a big girl. If you find our information lacking, then the only way I can fix it is if I know. I promise you that I take all suggestions, feedback, criticisms and comments seriously. I enjoy running this site and always want to make it better, and if I can help you find the information you are looking for then I have succeeded.

Scratch the male part I said up above. Now that I think about it and since I’m asking for honest feedback, as long as you have a comment – good, bad or indifferent – please feel free to share it with me.

Thank you

Thank you for not only visiting my humble little site but also for reading this article. And two big thumbs up if you are kind enough to take a minute or two out of your time to leave me feedback on ways to improve the site or what information you would like me to research and write on.

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