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The dangers of Anal Bleaching (Part one)

Dangers of Anal Bleaching

The dangers of anal bleaching. It’s a myth that anal bleaching is dangerous. Or is it? Like most myths, there is a hint of truth in it, and we have touched on the subject in a few other articles but we’ll get to the nitty gritty now. I want to make something clear right off […]

Preparing for Vaginal Bleaching: Home Waxing

Home vagina waxing

A while back we published an article about shaving that you can read here. Today I wanted to talk about another form of hair removal – waxing. And specifically about waxing yourself rather than going to a costly salon or spa. In our next article we will discuss electrically operated epilators that perform the same […]

Preparing for Vaginal Bleaching: Shaving

Vaginal Shaving

One thing I realized a while back is that I assume most everyone that comes to my site shave, waxes or otherwise grooms their genitals. After receiving some emails I realized this wasn’t always the case. I received a number of emails asking what the skin brightening creams would do to their pubic hair. Turns out, I don’t know. Because I shave and I naively assumed most women do.

Can pregnant women use vaginal bleaching products?

Can pregnant women use vaginal bleaching cream

If you are pregnant, and are interested in using an intimate bleaching product, your best bet is to wait until after the pregnancy and until after you stop breastfeeding. While the anus bleaching products we review on this site only contain natural ingredients, the problem is that these products are never tested on pregnant women so […]