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Can pregnant women use vaginal bleaching products?

Can pregnant women use vaginal bleaching cream

If you are pregnant, and are interested in using an intimate bleaching product, your best bet is to wait until after the pregnancy and until after you stop breastfeeding.

While the anus bleaching products we review on this site only contain natural ingredients, the problem is that these products are never tested on pregnant women so there is no clinical proof that they would be safe. Whether they are safe or not isn’t the question, the matter is protecting your unborn child and it is worth taking every precaution available to you.

Another issue with using a vagina lightening cream while pregnant is that your hormone levels naturally change during pregnancy. Waiting for your body to get back to it’s normal state will greatly increase the efficacy of the bleaching cream.

Anal Bleaching while Breastfeeding

The same rules should apply as above – if you are breastfeeding, intimate whitening is not recommended. It is understandable that you want to get your body back into the best shape you can and as quickly as you can but the welfare of your child always comes first. So enjoy your bonding time with your newborn and just wait until he or she is on the bottle before getting back to your vaginal or anal bleaching regimen.

But my anal bleaching product says it is OK to use while pregnant

We are not doctors, nor do we play one on TV. But I would be pretty worried about a product that says outright that it is safe to use during pregnancy.  In fact, I’d be worried enough that they said that to throw the product right in the trash. Since they can’t test the product on pregnant women (thankfully), they have no right in claiming it is safe either. No intimate bleaching product that we test or review on this site claims that it is safe to use during pregnancy. A lot of products seem to skip over the breastfeeding part but to us that is just common sense.

If you are stubborn…

If you do not want to wait, please consult your doctor prior to using any new skin care product during your pregnancy and or during breastfeeding.

Get Ready

Hopefully we’ve convinced you to wait until your pregnancy is over to begin your intimate lightening.  That is awesome.  In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to get prepared and read up on our articles to give you a headstart.  Check out our ever expanding article on Anal Bleaching  as well as our article on Vaginal Bleaching. If you are ready to go ahead and order an intimate lightening cream for when you are ready, check out our top rated Epibright Intimate review.

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