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Before and After Photos – Anal Bleaching

Anal Bleaching Before and After


A lot of people – me included – are self-conscious of their appearance in their private parts. I started this site because I wanted to feel better about myself, and that included my dark vagina.

I learnt a lot about the subject and finally became intrigued about anal bleaching as well. Turns out there is literally no difference between vaginal bleaching and anal bleaching. The same products I’d already used and trust and the same procedure.



Before Anal Bleachingafter_Anal_bleaching

In case you are wondering, these are not photos of me. These photos are directly from Wikipedia. I would have gladly shared but I was single at the time I did the anal bleaching and it turns out that it is not an easy thing to photograph one’s own anus!

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Top five methods for Anal Bleaching

There are a number of ways of performing anal bleaching and we have identified the most popular and effective methods. We have studied all these methods and come up with our top five list.

  1. DIY Anal Bleaching : Over the past five years or so, at home anal bleaching or DIY anal bleaching has become by far the most popular option for lightening your anus. Why? There are a few reasons:
      1. There are products on the market now that are not only safe to use, but are very effective. This was not always the case.
      2. At home anal bleaching with this method is one of the least expensive options.
      3. You can avoid the embarrassment of having someone else perform your anal bleaching for you.

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  2. Spa Treatments : Spa treatments for anal bleaching are essentially the same as the at home method. There are a number of drawbacks to this option. The cost will be higher than the at home method as you are paying for the overhead of the spa, the time of the aesthetician, etc. Since you will have to continue applying the cream to your anus after your first visit, the spa will then sell you the bleaching cream to take home and do yourself. Seems like it would have been easier to just do it yourself in the first place.

    The last drawback to spa treatments is that you may not know what the ingredients are in the cream. As we talk about in our article The Dangers of Anal Bleaching, there are some ingredients you want to stay away from. Using a product that we review will guarantee you steer clear of those ingredients. The one benefit that we can see about spa treatments is that you can purchase your anal bleaching cream directly rather than having to order it online.

  3. Laser Treatments: Yes, you read that right. It is possible to have your anus lightened using lasers. The primary downsides to this method are cost, possible skin irritation and having to refrain from sexual relations after each treatment for a week or so.

  4. Cryosurgery: We won’t get into the details of what this procedure is here, but feel free to read up about it on Wikipedia. Costs and possible side effects are the biggest drawbacks of this option. It will also likely be very hard to find a doctor that performs this procedure unless you are in a very highly populated city like LA. The benefit of this option is the fairly quick time to see results.

  5. Anal Bleaching with Natural Ingredients: There are a number of completely natural ingredients that may help lighten your skin. We have not found any conclusive proof that any of these ingredients will do more than very minor lightening of the skin but on the other hand, this is a very inexpensive option so for those on a very limited budget it may be worth a try. Don’t expect miracles from this method! We are currently writing an article on this topic and will link to it here when it is available.

We go into greater depth about these anal bleaching methods and a lot more in this article: Anal Bleaching – Everything you need to know and a whole lot more

Interested in Anal Bleaching?

If you are interested in anal bleaching or vaginal bleaching, I suggest Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream. You can read our review on Epibright here .All the skin lightening products I review on this site are great and will do the job, this one just wins out on more things for me.

As always, if you have any questions, please send me an email by using our contacts page. I’ll do my best to answer your question and will always keep your conversation private.

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