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Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

An article about stretch marks on this site may seem a bit off topic, but considering my audience is mainly women and stretch marks are mostly a woman’s concern (and one of mine) it seemed appropriate to add an article about it to the mix.

Common myths about stretch marks

This information comes from my friend Penny over at stretchmarksinfo.com – please take a moment to check out her site if you want more information about stretch marks.

  1. Stretch Marks are permanent

    Not true. There are several ways to rid yourself of stretch marks, ranging from natural creams (not unlike vaginal or anal bleaching!), laser therapy, microdermabrasion and surgery. Penny explains all of these options in detail on her site but it is comforting for some of us to know that there are options available.

  2. Stretch marks from pregnancy are inevitable

    Not true. There are a number of ways to prevent or at least minimize stretch marks from happening to your body. Penny details five ways to help prevent stretch marks on her site. These include: Diet, Hydration, natural skin creams, exercise and gelatin. Yes, I know that last one surprised me too!

  3. Removing stretch marks is expensive

    It doesn’t have to be. While laser therapy will run you a couple of thousand or more and surgery up to ten thousand, there are options available to treat your stretch marks effectively for under $100. That is pretty cheap if you ask me!

  4. Men don’t get stretch marks

    Not true. While a lot of stretch marks happen from pregnancy, there are other causes for stretch marks such as puberty, rapid weight gain or loss, medical conditions and more. So while men might be immune from getting pregnant, there are many other ways to get stretch marks.

If you have stretch marks and are not happy with their appearance, take a minute or two and check out Penny’s website. I was surprised about some of the things I read there and was happy to know there are option available. I plan on getting pregnant in the near future so will for sure be following her steps on helping to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. And hopefully I don’t have to worry about stretch mark removal afterwards!

Read all about stretch mark causes, prevention and removal here.

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