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Nipple Bleaching – Is it for Me and is it safe to do?

Nipple Bleaching

We’ve previously covered topics on such things as vaginal bleaching and anal bleaching. Another type of intimate bleaching some people are interested in is nipple bleaching.

What is nipple bleaching?

Nipple bleaching is no different than any other type of skin lightening. It is when you wish to lighten the color of your nipples and areolas for a variety of reasons.


Why would I want to bleach my nipples?

I guess if you’re wanting an answer to that question, you probably don’t want to. But there are many women that are interested in this procedure. Why? Some cultures feel that lighter, pink colored nipples and areolas look more youthful and enticing. There are other women that want to wear more sheer tops and not have their nipples and areolas show so prominently through the fabric. Some women would simply feel more confident with a lighter color. The fact is, there is a myriad of reasons why women and I suppose some men as well would want to lighten their nipples.

How do I bleach my nipples?

Nipple bleaching is not as common in North America as it is in some other areas such as Japan. So there are not a lot of options for professional services for nipple bleaching. Some salons that specialize in vaginal bleaching or anal bleaching may be able to help. But if they are not experienced doing nipple bleaching, I’d suggest you stay away. Salons often use relatively strong compounds that may cause irritation of the sensitive nipple area.

My suggestion would be the same as I suggest for vaginal or anal bleaching – use one of the creams we review here on our site. Each and every one of them is free of any harmful chemicals and are mild on the skin.

You could also talk to your doctor. If you can afford it, there is a chance that he or she could refer you to a specialist or plastic surgeon that could make the process a lot quicker. But of course a lot more expensive. And with any type of surgery, there is a risk. If I were you, I’d try one of the safe and simple home remedy nipple lightening creams we review on this site before I’d risk or pay for surgery.

Do you have before and after pictures?

Yes and no. My nipples and areolas are very light, not much different than the rest of my breast. So I had never considered nipple bleaching until receiving a few emails from visitors to the site. But I did a lot of research and a lot of digging when looking into the subject of nipple bleaching and found these photos from Japan. Before I go any further, I have to tell you that the procedure used here was relatively extreme and wouldn’t consider it myself. But the point is that it can be done, and using a home remedy like the skin brightening creams we review on this site will work, although quite a bit slower than this more medical procedure.

Before and after nipple bleaching
Before and after nipple bleaching


You can see how much lighter the second photo is, especially considering the relatively fair skin color of the breast itself. It’s up to you to decide if this is something you would want to consider. For myself, my nipple color is fine so it is not something I need to think about, but everybody and every body is different so it’s completely up to you.

What Product to use?

Each and every product we review on this site is free of harmful chemicals so would be a good choice. Our current top choice for nipple bleaching based on a number of different criteria is Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream.


Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream testing for nipple lightening is almost complete. I will post a full review on the results soon. Until the review is published I just wanted to let you know that the results were very, very good!


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